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Phillies Breakfast Links, July 28, 2009: More Roy Halladay, Drabek and Brown Zone You Out, Heidi Hamels

If this is as good as it gets, keep Roy Halladay

My advice to you, if you're a Nervous type, is to sleep until Friday at 4 PM. That's the only time we'll know anything.


Drabek picks up a win as trade rumors swirl
He's trying to IGNORE people? Headcase headcase TRADE TRADE TRADE!!

Phillies prospect Brown tries to tune out trade talk
ANOTHER HEADCASE. Who hit two home runs yesterday... just sayin'. Dominic Brown is my top untouchable.


Marcus Hayes: If Phillies can get Halladay, forget future with Drabek

Yes, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, and Jimmy Rollins just appeared out of nowhere. They were never minor league players, much less (derisive hrumph!) prospects.

Phillies and Toronto still hammering out deal for Halladay

Same news/no news.

Phils' Victorino flourishes
A nice Hawaii-centric feature on Shane Victorino.

The Fightins - Brad "Lucky" Lidge
This is a few days old, but remains awesome.

Heidi Hamels: Changeup on the player's-wife image
I really have nothing to add here.