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Phillies Breakfast Links: July 3, 2009 - Michael Taylor Mash, Hamels Hopeless?, Mets in the Cradle of Liberty, Prospect-a-palooza

Mets travel to Philadelphia in hot pursuit of first place in the NL East
Weren't the Phillies in first place for the better part of last season? I know they'd love to push the "HA! NOW THE PHILLIEZ ARE TEH CHOKERZ!" storyline in New York, but it's only July right now...

Paul Hagen: It's still early: Mets-Phillies interesting, but not critical

As bleak as things look for the crew from Queens at the moment, they're far from out of it. That makes these next three games just as important to the home team as the visitors. It would be a mistake for the Phillies to overlook the Mets. Heck, the way they've played lately, it would be a mistake for the Phillies to overlook anybody.

I honestly wasn't aware that anyone was "overlooking" the Mets...

Prospect Q/A with Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus
Lots of good stuff here. And encouraging, especially in light of how miserable the big club has been recently.

Bill Conlin: If Michael Taylor isn't a 'Futures' star, who is?
Ol' One Chair has a deep, gooey mancrush on Michael Taylor.

Phillies Notes: Manuel: Hamels may be affected by innings jump
Where Tom Verducci farts in all of our faces.

Hamels’ struggles are stumping Phillies

"Maybe he hasn’t focused like he did (in the past), who knows?" Dubee said. "It’s the whole team. The mistakes we’re making, I think we seem distracted at times. "In the second half last year we played very well. We didn’t make mental mistakes or sloppy-mistake pitches. We haven’t been as sharp as we’ve needed to be."

Madson's slide reaches new low
He just stinks right now. It's depressing.

Bypassed again, Carrasco just keeps 'doing my job'
Another strong outing last night.