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Phillies Breakfast Links, July 30, 2009: Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee, and oh... Cliff Lee.


Cliff Lee in a hurry to join Phillies
Cliff Lee's possible Saturday start versus fellow reigning Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum, the FOX Saturday Game of the Week, is a must-see event the likes of which regular season baseball has not seen in years.


Bill Conlin: Phillies GM Amaro pulls off masterful move to land Lee
Of course Conlin likes the trade, they got to keep Michael Taylor!


Jim Salisbury: In Lee, Phillies get the next best pitcher
I'm sick of this "consolation prize"/"second best" crap. They got a terrific pitcher and kept their top prospects. The "scare factor" junk with Halladay is flatout idiotic.


Halladay isn't going anywhere
So... what about Roy Halladay?


Three 'Pigs will get a new home
Farewell to IronPigs Carlos Carrasco, Jason Donald, and Lou Marson.


For Cleveland Indians fans, Cliff Lee trade makes it harder to believe
Cleveland sports columnist wonders if Tribe fans should even bother.


Mets and NL Should Breath a Sigh of Relief
Only a Mets journalist/fan could spin their archrival picking up the reigning Cy Young Award as a "win" for his team.


Rob Oller commentary: This trade is unpleasantly familiar
An Ohio journalist laments the Indians' inability to hold onto their stars.


With Lee, Phils are halfway there 
Don McKee argues that the bullpen still needs to be fixed. Well, the bullpen isn't as bad as much as they need to remove certain people from certain "roles" for awhile.