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Phillies Breakfast Links, July 31, 2009: Cliff Lee speaks, The Prospects Split, Bullpen Blues


Phillies' potent offense excites Lee
Hopefully he didn't watch the last two games...

Pedro Martinez may not find room in Phillies rotation

It might not be the worst idea to have Pedro Martinez come out of the bullpen if he's only capable of going shorter bursts, a problem that plagued him over the last few seasons.

 You've got Lee. Here are some other notable Cliffs.
What the flippin' flip is this?

After Lee trade, Carrasco, Donald, Marson in odd position in Allentown


Phillies no closer to solving issue at back of bullpen
At the very least I appreciate what Donnellon says about continually throwing a pitcher out there who is incapable of doing the job. You're just setting him up to fail.

Cliff Lee deal about timing, value, as team feared cost of waiting
An interesting look at the trade from the Indians' perspective.

Halladay Trade Talks Wither as Deadline Nears
You see what happens, J.P.? You see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!

Worley regains form, shuts down Sea Dogs
Reading Phillies' starter Vance Worley goes six innings and allows no runs.