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Phillies Breakfast Links, July 6, 2009: Phillies Sweep Mets, Shane Victorino campaigns for All-Star team, Brad Lidge looking good.

Phillies Notebook: Phillies closer Lidge has heater on full-blast again
He was filthy yesterday. It's the beard.

You Talking to Me? Fox cheated Phillies fans
I love how FOX and ESPN are the first to lambaste and smear a guy for testing positive for PEDs, but then they treat him like some kind of hero when he comes back after his suspension.

Happy Belated Birthday, Sarge & TMac
Awesome announcing booth hijinks, awaiting cranky Chris Wheeler.

It's time to enshrine Dick Allen
Baseball fans of my generation will never fully understand the intense feelings on both sides for the former Phillie great.

Victorino hopes to join All-Stars
"I'll call my dad and get everyone in Maui to vote for me. That's about 50 votes."

Howard right at home with his star selection
It's been a fairly unpopular selection nationally, but St. Louis is Ryan Howard's hometown, and to the victor go the spoils; at least Charlie Manuel didn't load up the team with marginally deserving Phillies like other All-Star managers have done before.

Ibanez focused on day job, not St. Louis
He's a hero, this guy.

Defenders are too much for Reading
Reading Phillies fall 12-5 to Connecticut.

New York Mets' David Wright looks like he needs a staycation

Even though they're not explicitly "blaming" David Wright here, the mere suggestion that he's a "problem" should be met with endless derision.