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Cole and Shane plus 20

Last night was fairly epic in terms of Phillies history.  It's not often that the Phillies score 20 runs or more.  In fact, this is just the 6th time since 1954 (numbers don't exist before then, so don't ask).  Let's take a look back at the 20 run games that the Phils have put up (3 in the last 2 years).  The Philies have also scored 19 runs twice (and we'll include them in here). 

Just a side note, the Phils had played in 136 games where they scored 13 runs or more and had only lost one of them, a 17-19 loss to the Reds.

Game #1: 26-7 win against the NYM (talked about a lot recently)


Von Hayes 2 first inning homerunes.
Juan Samuel goes 5-7. 
Rick Schu had 4 hits?!?!
Phils scored 16 unanswered and the Mets then scored 7 before the Phils "put it away".

Game #2: 23-22 win against the Chicago Cubs.

Maybe the most "epic" of ragular season games in Phils history.  Even moreso since it went into extra innings (the odds of a game being tied 22-22 after 9 has got to be slim, eh Matt?).


Phils start off the game with 7 in the top of the first and the Cubs come back with 6 in the bottom of the inning.  Talk about a deflator.
Bowa goes 5-8. 
Gary Maddox goes 4-4 and Greg Gross pinch runs for him with the score 16-6.  Oops.
Tugger comes in during the 5th inning and gives up 7 runs (4 earned).
Cubs were down 21-9, came all the way back just to lose it.  Haha.

Game #3: Phils win 22-1 against the Reds.

Read about it everywhere...

Game #4: Phils win 21-8 against the Chicago Cubs.


Doug Glanville goes 3-5 in his one awesome year.
Rico Brogna, Scott Rolen, Marlon Anderson and Mike Lieberthal went deep.
Marlon Anderson went 5-6.
Alax Arias went 3-5. 
Micky Morandini goes 1-4 (for the Cubs).
Kyle Farnsworth went .1 innings to start the game.

Game #5: Phils beat St. Louis 20-2.

This is still fresh in people's minds especially since it was the start of an offensive slide for the Phightins'.


Jimmy rollins takes an 0-4.  Figures.
Howard goes 3-5 with 2 homers.
Carlos Ruiz goes 4-6 with 4 RBI.
Kyle Kendrick let in 1 run in 7 innings?!?!?! (8 hits and 1 strikeout)
Phils scored 2 off of Roidin Franklin.

Game #6: Phillies beat Colorado 20-5.

This is still fairly fresh since it happened last year as well.


Chase Utley goes 3-6 witha a HR and 6 RBI.
Pat the Bat takes an Ofer (but OPS still over 1.000).
Pedro Feliz, Chris Coste and So Taguchi combine for a...wait for it...wait...10-17 with 9 RBI.
Shane Victorino had 1 hit, but 4 runs scored.
Phils saw 202 pitches but threw 116...recipe for success.

Bonus Game #7: Phils beat the Cubs 19-1. 

The mid-80s Phils were such an offensive juggernaught.


Rick Schu goes 4-5 playing 3rd.
Mike Schmidt goes 2-4 playing first.
Juan Samuel goes 3-5 with 6 RBI.
Steve Jeltz takes the big Ofer.
Sarge! Gary Matthews takes an Ofer as well, but for the Cubs.
R Roenicke played a game in, who is that? 
Jamie Moyer goes 2.2 the LOSS!
Shane Rawley goes the distance in the win.

Bonus Game #8: Phils beat the Dodgers 19-10.

This goes way back, 1961.


D Demeter goes 4-5 with 7 RBI. 
Johnny Callison pinch hit in the 2nd inning with the score 6-4.
Ruben Amaro Sr goes 3-4.
Clay Dalrymple goes 3-5.
Sandy Kofax...(yeah baby, you heard it here) goes 1.1 innings giving up 6 runs in the loss. 
J Buzhardt goes .1 innings for the Phillies before being pulled.
Chris Short gets the win going 7.2 innings of relief giving up 6 runs.
J Baldschum somehow got the save in a 19-9 game pitching just 1 inning coming in with 2 men on base.