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Phillies Breakfast Links, July 8, 2009: Pedro throws, Victorino stumps, and the Case for Roy Halladay.

Source: Philadelphia Phillies more interested in Pedro Martinez than they're letting on

The source, who is well-connected in the Dominican, says he was also led to believe the Phillies have let Martinez know what they were willing to pay him for the rest of this season and that that amount was likely to be less than the prorated $5 million contract, plus incentives, that he has been seeking.


Sam Donnellon: Phillies' Victorino on campaign trail to make All-Star Game
Between Barack Obama in 2008 and Victorino in 2009, it's been an exciting couple of years in Hawaiian politics.


Steelers, Penguins, Phillies trophies displayed together
One out of three ain't bad.


Phillies Notes: Phils' Dobbs enjoying a torrid stretch
If only he batted right-handed...


Kinsler, Sandoval lead final vote
I've always doubted the veracity of these "reports," but you know what to do...


Burrell's walk-off homer lifts Rays past Blue Jays
Good for Pat!


Walks cost Carrasco in 6-2 'Pigs loss
Carlos Carrasco issues six walks en route to loss; Raul Ibanez 1-for-2 in rehab start.


Jim Salisbury: Phils should take a shot at getting Halladay
Stay tuned for my editorial later this week on The Good Phight: "WholeCamels should take a shot at dating Mila Kunis."


Phillies former prospect Mathieson slowly making way back
How quickly we forget. This guy had been a great prospect. Might be a contributor sooner rather than later?


Reading tops Akron 11-7
Michael Taylor with three hits and three stolen bases (yawn). Vance Worley had a weak outing, though.