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Phillies Breakfast Links, July 9, 2009: Roy Halladay Sweepstakes, Shane Victorino's Big Week, Pity the Mets?

Phillies Notebook: Drabek one of Phillies' untouchable prospects?

Kyle Drabek, Dominic Brown, and Jason Knapp still untouchable?


Phillies express interest in Roy Halladay
Confirming what we all already knew.


Bill Conlin: Phillies should make prospect Taylor untouchable

Will the Phillies trade Michael Taylor, breaking Conlin's heart?


Paul Hagen: Big move possible but unlikely for Phils

I kind of object to his central thesis: That since the Phillies didn't make any huge moves in 2008, then they don't have to in 2009.

Giants' Sandoval has slim lead over Phillies' Victorino
I ask again: How do we verify the "closeness" of this? And have you ever noticed that they never say "Player X has an ENORMOUS lead in this thing! Stop voting!"?


Sympathy for poor Mets fans
This guy is all over the place here. I agree that the Phillies fans need to tone it down with the whole Mets hating thing since, well, the Phillies are the champs. And it's easy to write a cherry-picking article about a few isolated incidents. But the idea that the rivalry is "one-sided" is absurd. I'm a Philly ex-pat living in the New York metro area and I can assure you I get crap every single time I wear a Phillies hat or shirt out of the house. My dog has a Phillies collar and has not been allowed to play with other dogs due to same.


Lenny Dykstra files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I am shocked by this news...


Amaro: Phils have flexibility to make a deal
The Phillies are the "favorites" to get Roy Halladay. What a strange world this is for a Phillies fan: You're sitting on a Championship, your farm system is loaded, and you're one of the elite franchises in the game.


Akron blanks R-Phils 4-0
Michael Taylor also named Eastern League Player of the Month for June.