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Phillies Breakfast Links, August 10, 2009: Lost Weekend, Rotation Deadline, Jilted DJs


After loss, Manuel upset with Phils' effort
Uh oh, the "rare team meeting." Let's hope something good comes of it.


Victorino ejected; Phillies dejected
Ed Rapuano was definitely a putz, but Shane Victorino needs to keep it cool.


Jim Salisbury: Jamie Moyer doesn't help his cause
This would be a lot easier if it were anyone but Jamie Moyer.


Myers says he's feeling good after second simulated outing
Brett Myers, stretch run closer?


Opie (from Opie & Anthony) spots Jayson Werth at UFC101 (via Twitter)
Says Opie: "Everyone watching a huge fight in stands instead of in the Octagon including Phillies, Ja(y)son Werth!" Apparently Jayson Werth was also the only "celeb" to blow off Opie for a picture. Ha!  FRRRRRRRRUNKIS!!! 


Pedro's place is still being discussed
Any rotation sans Jamie Moyer is OK by me right now.


R-Phils fall to Mets
But Domonic/Dominic Brown hits two homers. Now .333/.412/.733 for Reading. Shane who?


Psychology in baseball: Heroes are human
Apparently former Phillies pitcher Don Carman is now a sports psychologist. Who knew?


In '08 Phils, echoes from an earlier time
I have absolutely no idea what this guy is talking about.


Dubee: All in Hamels' head
We forget that Cole Hamels is 25 years old, I guess. Also, MRI for J.C. Romero, left forearm strain. Doesn't sound good...


Crazy Eights: Nats on longest win streak since '05
The Washington Nationals have won eight games in a row. Break them up!