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Uh, what?: Braves 4, Phillies 3

So, yeah.


Where to begin?

1. Abject failure in hitting with runners in scoring position (1 for 12), including runners on 3rd with no outs failing to score.

2. The decision to use Brad Lidge, again, in a one run save situation.

3. The misplayed grounder by Chase Utley to lead off the bottom of the 9th inning.

4. Brad Lidge mishandling the bunt, and throwing the ball up the line, allowing the runner to score and putting the winning run on third with no outs.

5. The Braves non-failure to get the runners home from third with no outs.

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Charlie, enough is enough.  Wishing and hoping isn't going to make Brad Lidge effective again.  The Phillies can't afford to let him "work it out" in one run games against division opponents.  Either bench him, convince him that his knee is really, really bothering him, or let him pitch in mop-up duty.  NO MORE CLOSE NINTH INNINGS.  CHARLIE!!!  LISTEN!!!!  I know you're Mr. Loyalty, but your condition-free devotion to Brad Lidge as your closer is a betrayal to the other 24 guys on your roster.  He got you there last year, but this is another season.

Oh, Jayson Werth home run, Raul Ibanez with two hits, Cole Hamels labors through six, etc. etc.