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We're Not Werth, Lee!!: Phillies 8, Diamondbacks 1

So I think the decision to bring Cliff Lee to the Phillies last month has worked out pretty well so far.  I'm open to other opinions, in the sense that I'll listen to you but I will be forced to call you dumb.

Lee allowed just two hits and one unearned run to the Diamondbacks, striking out 11 in his second complete came in just four starts for the Phillies.  He was supported by four home runs, including two by right fielder Jayson Werth who has smashed his previous career high, and a three run shot in the fifth inning by Ryan Howard that blew the game open and shattered Diamondbacks' starter Dan Haren's soul.  Chase Utley smashed a two run bomb into the Phillies' bullpen in the third inning.

The Phillies tagged the recently struggling Dan Haren for six runs and nine hits in five innings.

Lee allowed his only run in the third inning after a Pedro Feliz two base error allowed rotten tattoo necked creep Ryan Roberts to second base with no outs.  Augie Ojeda's groundout advanced Roberts to third, who then scored on Stephen Drew's sacrifice fly.  To that point in the game, Lee hadn't yet allowed a hit, and fans had to have been contemplating the possibility of a non-shutout no-hitter for Lee.  That possibility went out the window, too, after pinch-hitter Chad Tracy singled in the sixth inning.

The midweek series wraps up tomorrow, as the Phillies go for the sweep behind Joe BlantonDoug Davis will start for the Diamondbacks.