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Phillies Breakfast Links, August 26, 2009: Late Closers, The Starters' Line, How to Wear a Cap


Lidge, Phillies suffer tough walk-off loss
Again, I ask Charlie Manuel at what point loyalty to one guy turns into betrayal of the other 24.


Phillies Notebook: Phillies' starting pitchers not half-bad since All-Star break
Closing pitchers, not so much. Also of note: Michael Taylor goes on the D.L., season likely over. And what a season it was.


Brett Myers to pitch inning for Reading Phillies tonight
I wonder how the guys wear their caps in Reading. Old Man Myers, a.k.a. "The Confederate Kid," might yell at them!


Lee: NL Cy Young belongs elsewhere
Kind of a silly question, although I would have loved it if Lee had said: "NO I WANT IT! IT SHOULD BE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!"


Phillies Notes: Stairs wants to return to Phillies in 2010
Maybe he can get another base hit before then?


The Evolution of Jayson Werth
It's really a tribute to Pat Gillick's "educated instincts" that he picked Jayson Werth off of the scrap heap. He's really been a remarkable player for this team.


R-Phils rally for win over Erie

"All I can say is breaks," said Reading manager Steve Roadcap. "We didn't catch a break at all in New Britain. Everything went against us. These guys laugh because I talk about Uncle Momentum. Uncle Mo kind of jumped in our dugout and it kept on going."

I had an Uncle Mo, and I needed some expensive therapy thanks to him.


The Fightins " R.I.P. Brad Lidge, Phillies Closer (April 6, 2008 – August 25, 2009)
A touching, if not 100% sincere, tribute to 2008 hero Brad Lidge.


 Battered NY Mets get more bad injury news as Johan Santana, J.J. Putz both go down
Time for the Mets to take a really close look at their training staff, I think.