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The Phillies Through the Eyes of The Onion

With the Phillies actually doing well over the past few years, there's seemingly been a big increase in Phillies-related humor in The Onion.  (The explanation is either that or that The Onion hired a Phillies fan to write for them.)

And today is as good a day as any to collect some of the great stories The Onion has published about the Phillies.  After all, sometimes the best way to deal with a game like last night's is humor.

So here for your reading pleasure is a collection of great Onion stories about the Phillies (in reverse chronological order, so the links at the top are more recent than the ones at the bottom).  Read them and . . . laugh!

Stadium Bursts Out Laughing After Jamie Moyer Pitch

Bat Boy Easily Holds Shane Victorino Back During Argument With Umpire

Chase Utley Feels Phillies Teammates Already Like Cliff Lee More Than Him

Blue Jays GM Confirms There Never Really Was a "Roy Halladay"

Harry Kalas Tribute Video Somehow Narrated by Harry Kalas

Cory Matthews, Mr. Feeny Share Joyous Moment Following Phillies World Series Victory

Phillies Win World Series, Nation Thinks

Mets Invite Phillies Back to Shea Stadium for a Nightcap

Jamie Moyer Change-Up Arrives at Home Plate After Long Journey

Player to Be Named Later From 1992 Trade Finally Named:  "It Was Lenny Dykstra," Says Phillies GM

Shane Victorino Really  Thought Phillies Could Avoid 10,000th Loss

Brett Myers Atones for Punching Wife With Solid Seven-Inning Outing

Jimmy Rollins Extends Non-Sequential-Game Hit Streak