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Rookies of the Yeah...: Pirates 3, Phillies 2

Well, that was a hoot.

J.A. Happ stayed in command for most of the game, holding the Pirates' offense mostly in check with the exception of an Andrew McCutchen home run in the bottom of the first.  Charlie Morton, though, handcuffed the Phillies as well; after scoring just one run after loading the bases with no outs in the first, the Phillies scored just one more run the rest of the game, on a Paul Bako home run of all things.  The Phillies as a team had six hits all night -- three by Jimmy Rollins, and two by Paul Bako.  For a long time, it looked like that'd hold.  Until the bottom of the eighth.

Happ surrendered a leadoff single in the eighth, then proceeded to retire the next two hitters and appeared poised to escape the inning and take a one run lead into the ninth.  But, Garrett Jones, another rookie, connected on a bomb to centerfield that gave the Pirates a 3-2 lead.

And except for a one out single in the ninth by Paul Bako, Matt Capps got a clean save to close out the game.

But hey, no blown save tonight!  And a complete game for J.A. Happ!  And, umm... no more Pirates this season.

Ugh.  Lost a series to the Pirates.  Oh well.

Important games this weekend against Atlanta.