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Phillies Breakfast Links, August 3, 2009: There's no place like home, Dog days don't mean you bring em to the park, Amaro is a cool cucumber

Phillies not big on Giants' spacious ballpark

The old "we'd beat them in our park" line.  All this does is add fodder to the good pitching beats good hitting fallacy.

For the Phillies, there will be no doggin' it

Phils play well after Aug 1st blah blah blah...Howard will tear it up in Sept blah blah blah...Cliff Lee...blah blah these guys really think there is any correlation here or is this just filler?

It's not a stretch to say Martinez is ready for Phillies start

"He felt he needed to work at it. He knows what he needs. He doesn't need a pitching coach to tell him what he needs. He's his own best pitching coach."  Here's a guy who knows his role in life.

Amaro's team performed on deadline

Amaro = J Edgar Hoover

Bollinger signs with Phillies

""It was a tough decision to choose between that and school, but it is my chance to do what I always wanted to do," Bollinger said."  I think the word "that" refers to money.

If Phils are to stay on top, they can't afford poor at-bats.

Newsflash: Phils must score runs to win!

Rolen off to slow start in Cincinnatti 


Player of the Day: John Kruk

Kruk hit just 100 HRs in 10 seasons. 

Phillies Stances

A lil funny.