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Phillies Breakfast Links, August 31, 2009: Goodnight Kyle, Carrasco Debuts, Nomar Again?


Bill Lyon: For thrills, Phillies need no assistance

What they have done is sneak up on us. We are unaccustomed to such sustained, and sudden, prosperity. It was not so long ago, remember, that the Phillies suffered their 10,000th defeat, most ever by a team in any sport. Now they are the world champions and headed for the postseason for the third year in a row. Heady stuff.


Stairs aims to snap slump, help Phillies
0-for-27. Matt Stairs has been horrendous for almost two months now.


Carlos Carrasco to pitch for Indians on Tuesday
Former Phillies prospect will make major league debut against Tigers.


Garciaparra moving to the Phillies?
Will the Nomar Garciaparra rumors ever die? I guess we'll know for sure by the end of the day...


Rich Hofmann: Phillies entering September in comfort zone
It's a weird feeling, having had to play like they had their hair on fire the previous two Septembers. Hopefully they don't get complacent.


Rehab start for Condrey; Dobbs on mend
Both could return for the stretch run.


Phillies Notes: 'Perfectly healthy' Drabek done early
Terrific idea. Yes, "Flags Fly Forever" in Reading, but I'd rather not have a Bill Pulsipher on my hands.