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Phillies Breakfast Links, August 4, 2009: Prospects blog, Bullpen watch, What's Bothering Hamels?


Phils wait for healthy bullpen | | Courier-Post

Imagine if Brett Myers, Scott Mathieson, and Pedro Martinez went to the back of the 'pen at some point...


'Pigs' booming bats back Savery's Triple-A debut

Still uneasy about Joe Savery? This won't help: 6 IP, 0 R, 4 H, 5 BB, 0 K.


Phillies prospect's blog is downright bush league

Go check it out here.  Between Michael Schwimer over at PhuturePhillies, and this guy, we might have the most literary farm system in the league.

Phillies' next move? Wait for developments

The Brad Lidge situation needs to be addressed.


Bill Conlin: Phillies' pitching rotation? Lee can only do so much

As for Dominic Brown, scouts earn their money - and reputations - shining their projections off high ceilings. I saw him a little short of the Sistine Chapel Friday night. Forget the 0-for-4. He was robbed by the Fort Myers first baseman and later smoked a liner that top-spinned to the rightfielder. But in rightfield, he ran a circuitous route to a towering drive he should have gotten to before it hit the base of the fence in right-center. In the sixth, he stuck up his glove to nonchalant a soft liner hit right at him. Oops. It ticked off the leather and fell behind him for a two-base error. Physically, he's built like Alfonso Soriano, long-striding and toothpick lean. It will be fun watching him dance to the Phillies' No. 3 hole on that high ceiling.

Attaboy, Bill.  Base your opinion of a player on one game.  I think we see where this is going to go as Brown works his way up through the minors and, presumably, into the outfield in Philadelphia.  He'll simply never be as sweet in Bill's eyes as Michael Taylor.


Barroom Brawl: The Pedro Edition

This is not written to argue Pedro vs. Koufax (although I might argue that Pedro’s six-year run is more impressive since it came right in the heart of the steroids era, and Koufax was pitching during an era that favored pitchers).

Except Pedro Martinez WAS better than Sandy Koufax during those six seasons, in large part for the reason you mentioned, although I don't think "zOMG STEROIDZ" are the only cause for the increased offense of the previous two decades.

Trying to put Hamels' struggles into focus
Again, Cole Hamels pitched far more innings last season than he had every pitched in a single year in his life. We are now dealing with the after-effects. No one would change a thing, though.