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Phillies Breakfast Links, August 5, 2009: Juggling the Rotation, Offensive Slump, Seniority Wins


McCaffery: Work remains to make Phils complete
When you see Jack's tooth headshot next to the byline, you know you're in for a treat.


Furious Prince Fielder is stopped at Dodgers' door

"We don't want the same situation as last year in the playoffs, when Philly threw at Manny and we didn't retaliate," (Russell) Martin said, referring to last fall's NL championship series against the Phillies. "We don't want to be known as a team that doesn't have each other's backs."

Russell, what in the sam hell are you talking about? How about when your guy threw at Shane Victorino's head? Idiot. You just got your asses beat, that's all.


I'd be curious to see how most other team's do with home runs as a percentage of total runs scored. Anyway, saying a team hits "too many homers" is like saying a girl is too good at, well, you know...


Sam Donnellon: Phillies should be looking for best possible pitching rotation
All over the place in this article -- Jamie Moyer should come out of the rotation because he has a bad ERA, but should stay in because he has 10 wins. Pedro Martinez should pitch out of the bullpen because he has incentives in his contract for doing so, and Greg Maddux did it last year, and on it goes...


Phillies Notebook: Phillies' Lee trade shows importance of good draft picks
Signing Brody Colvin would make this year's draft a success, in my opinion.


Dominican outfielder pursues American Dream
Nice article about a Dominican kid, picked by the Phillies in the 48th round of this year's draft.


Happ belongs in Phillies' rotation
I started reading this article thinking it had so much promise, until it was Pedro he wanted to relegate to the 'pen, and not Jamie Moyer.


Lefty Way promoted to Lakewood
Matt Way, 2009 draft pick. He was old for Williamsport, but it'll be exciting if he continues to dominate for Lakewood.


Baseball Fantasy Camp with Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins -
I'm sure most of you have seen this already, but it's still funny.