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Phillies Breakfast Links, August 6, 2009: That's Domonic Brown, Pedro Martinez, Phillies and MMA


Fans in a frenzy over Martinez
As an attendee of around 100 Reading Phillies games over the course of my life, this is one I really wish I could have seen.


After rumors, Brown glad to be a Phillie
Kevin Goldstein discusses why the Darryl Strawberry comps are offensive in the 2009 Baseball Prospectus annual. But I have a feeling they're here to stay.


Reading's Brown Making a Name for Himself
Kudos to the Phillies scouting department for looking past the commitment to play football and asking the important questions of Domonic/Dominic Brown himself.  That 20th round selection looks like it's going to be a steal.


Pedro Martinez getting impatient
This whole thing is going to be a terrible train-wreck. Someone's feelings are going to be irreparably hurt.


Interview: How Bad Is Eric Bruntlett?
Crashburn Alley featuring an interview with the men behind "Fire Eric Bruntlett."


Lee appreciative of fans' reaction, focused on start
Cliff Lee has heard all about the passion, as well as ire, of the Phillies fans, and he can't wait to experience it for himself this afternoon when he makes his home debut. Now DON'T F*$% IT UP!


Bill Conlin: Sixth sense: Happ will go to Phillies bullpen

If we're talking economics, what about the escalating innings pitched thresholds in Jamie Moyer's contract? Sending him to the bullpen mitigates that quite a bit.


Plan ahead for Camp Erin Fundraiser

Albany Camp Erin is sponsored by The Moyer Foundation, created by Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer and his wife, as well as The Community Hospice.

Okay, now I feel like a creep for discussing cutting him... 


Victorino, Phillies teammates are fans of MMA 
Meh, never really did anything for me.