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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 1, 2009: Reading on a Roll, Playoffs?!, Someone's Precious

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Breaking down Phillies' potential postseason opponents
Maybe getting ahead of ourselves a bit, but let's be honest here...


R-Phils work overtime for sweep
Reading Phillies on their way to first Eastern League playoff berth since 2001.  PhuturePhillies columnist Mike Schwimer gets the win in both halves of doubleheader.


Bill Conlin: Lee and Lefty bear a striking resemblance
I still find these comparisons incredibly unfair to Lee. Also this, regarding Conlin's column last week: 

Point of order: Some readers got the false impression that I consider Shane Victorino the No. 1 centerfielder in Phillies history. The column I wrote involved defense only - including throwing arm. To suggest I would rank a Hall of Famer behind a player with less than two full seasons under his belt in centerfield is insulting to both Rich Ashburn and to me.

Maybe the reason people go that impression is because you weren't exactly clear?   


Lidge looks like old self
Hopefully the "day off" strategy for Brad Lidge will help things.


Dodgers acquire Jim Thome and Jon Garland
To paraphrase Daniel Plainview: "You are now my competitor! Bastard in a basket!" I wish you all bad luck, Jim.


World Series ring missing at Phillies park
This would have to be a pretty difficult item to find a market for.


Carpenter crafts a gem to lead 'Pigs
Out of the playoff picture, but it's nice to see a good start from Drew Carpenter.


Dallas Green recalls wholesale changes needed the last time Cubs were sold

"You can't discipline guys. The only way you can discipline them is to sit them down," he said. "And they are making too much money, so somebody starts screaming about them sitting down. The poor manager looks like a dope because he wants to discipline a guy or he wants to send a message."

Good ol' Screamin' Dallas.


Phils' Howard Named NL Player Of The Week
Phillies firstbaseman honored for hitting a zillion home runs.