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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 11, 2009: Greet the Mets, Mother May He?, Looking Ahead too Soon

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Struggling Phillies closer Lidge tries to save face
Frankly I think Lidge is taking this very well, at least based on what he's saying to the press.


Akron puts R-Phillies in 0-2 hole
Aeros beat the Reading Phillies 6-2, Yohan Flande got knocked around. Mike Cisco will attempt to stop a sweep tonight in Reading.



Lakewood's May looks to close out series
Rising star prospect Trevor May goes for Lakewood tonight versus Kannapolis in game two of the Best-of-three series, weather permitting.


Newcomer Marson may become fixture
Profile piece on former Phillies prospect Lou Marson.


Hamels hopes to peak as postseason nears
No time like the present.


Mets try to stay motivated vs. Phillies
I'm sure they'd love nothing more. Trap series!


Paul Hagen: Did Phillies slump away homefield advantage?
It's possible. All you can do at this point is try to win the division.


Manuel Frustrated After Phillies' Loss to Nationals
Hopefully the Phillies can respond to Cranky Charlie.

Shane Victorino Has A Landing Strip On His Head
Shane? Uh...