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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 15, 2009: Winter Pedro, BlueClaws Win, Nails Fails


Finishing strong is what motivates Phils
Charge hard into the playoffs, or coast in?


BlueClaws take 1-0 series lead | Down on the Farm
Travis d'Arnaud with two hits.


Prospect Knapp scheduled for surgery
The Phillies failed to order an MRI? I've never heard such a thing!


Pedro sets sights on D.R. Winter League
I'm sad that this is probably all we'll get to see of Pedro Martinez in a Phillies uniform.


Dykstra's memorabilia to be auctioned | News
Once again: Utterly shocking.


Phillies reliever Walker wants taste of postseason
Maybe he'll get his wish... as the CLOSER!


Mea culpa, Senor Pedro
Articles like this (specifically, the attendant mindset) are why I stopped playing fantasy baseball. Pitchers' Wins are a terrible way tool of evaluation (Jamie Moyer was just fine, he was the Phillies' winningest pitcher!).


Manuel manages to join quirky Phillies company
Once again: Greatest Manager in Phillies History.


Cards drop Marlins to 7 behind Phils
Phillies' Magic Number down to 13.


Burrell: I didn't do enough
I feel awful for the guy.


Scott Graham to be new voice of 'Inside the NFL'
The good news: He takes the mantle from Harry Kalas. The bad news: Not for the Phillies' games.