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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 16, 2009: Be Like Lee, One More for Lakewood, Souvenir Rejected


Phillies open 2010 season on road against Nationals
Close season on the road against Atlanta. And we once again renew our classic historic rivalries with the cities of Boston and Toronto...


Phillies minor leaguers Drabek, Taylor receive awards
At least they're not in Toronto.


Minor Leagues: Lakewood moves within 1 of title
Let's get two Championships in the organization this year, how about it?


For R-Phillies, 2009 was a very good year
Recap from Roadcap: The Reading Phillies first playoff season since 2001 was a great success.


Blanton looks to bounce back vs. Nats
Last week's start was pretty much his worst of the season.


Hanson, LaRoche help Braves blank Mets
Tommy Hanson is pretty much taking the Rookie of the Year trophy from under Happ's nose.


Rich Hofmann: Laying to rest some of your worries about the Fightin' Phils
The raw production has been fine, it's been the situation hitting -- not really a repeatable "skill" -- that's been problematic.


Happ may get start vs. Braves
I hope they're giving him all the time to recover and not just pushing him back. They need a healthy J.A. Happ for the postseason, with Scott Eyre and J.C. Romero questionable.


Howard biggest 'Piece' in Phils' puzzle
Despite his "faults," glad he's a Phillie, and you should be, too.


LEE: ‘WE HAVE A 1-2-3-4-5 PUNCH’ - Philled In
Depth is great, and short playoff series are basically crapshoots.


Lee deal looking worse and worse -

*whistles, looks around nervously*


Little Girl Throws Back Baseball
Probably cuter than a basket full of puppies carried by a polar bear cub.

Little girl throws ball back (via DoTheDou)