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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 17, 2009: 15 Minutes for Ball Girl, Fleet Howard, Hurt Korea


Phillies dad a hit with parents all over
They're megastars right now, apparently on The Today Show this morning.


Phillies Notebook: Phillies' Lidge doesn't think he's a heavy tipper
Waiters hate him, too.


Phillies reliever Park likely out indefinitely with hamstring injury
Well, this isn't good. At least they're not the Mets.


Romero hopeful of making a return to Phillies
Has an "outstanding" bullpen session.


Sam Donnellon: Phillies finding ways to win
It bears repeating: Ryan Howard has stolen seven bases this season, and has not been caught once.


Rays' Burrell, Crawford involved in verbal altercation
This is just a weird story to report, especially since no one involved seems to want to acknowledge it.


Violence in the dugout - JoongAng Daily

On March 24, 1979, the 13th national college baseball competition was held at Dongdaemun Stadium. Yonsei University lost to Dongguk University 2-4 and a senior Yonsei player struck a younger player in the head with a baseball bat. The junior player needed 17 days of treatment for his injuries.

I'm not advocating this, but I'm just saying... how much more interesting would compiling these link dumps be if I could include the  occasional "Milt Thompson bludgeons Shane Victorino with cinderblock; centerfielder to miss series against Marlins" story?