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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 24, 2009: Domino Effect, Bye Bobby, It's Tense


Baseball Prospectus | Ahead in the Count: Slugging on Balls in Play
Our old friend Matt Swartz's latest piece for Baseball Prospectus (subscription req'd)


Lidge blows another save as Marlins beat Phillies
You've read this one before. Almost literally.


Imperfect Phillies lineup gets job done

Manuel offered an example of a .300 hitter who scores only 50 to 60 runs with only 50 to 60 RBIs. "He hasn't done anything," Manuel said. "He should have done that, even if he's hitting ninth in the lineup. I've heard people say, 'Oh, he hit .300 last year.' And then you look and you see 50 runs scored with 40 RBIs. That isn't good. "Now, if he scores 120 runs and knocked in 40 or 50? Then we're talking differently."

And here I thought Charlie Manuel understood offense.


Braves sweep Mets
Oh, and this happened, too. Thanks for nothing, New York.


Doug Drabek proud of son's perseverance
Interview with Doug Drabek, discussing Kyle Drabek, who based on that picture is one of the oldest looking young people ever.


Chuck Domino leaving Reading, Lehigh Valley teams to kick-start new EL franchise
This is a pretty big deal, Domino is practically an institution in Reading.


Myers confident he'll return to 'pen soon
Thank goodness Brett said so.


Cox to retire as skipper after '10 season
Adios, take Chipper with you.


Paul Hagen: Blanton making case as Phillies' best pitcher
I still think it's Cliff Lee, but Joe Blanton has been great since May.