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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 25, 2009: Closing Time, Wading Pool.


The Zo Zone -- Could Happ Help the Pen?
Given Pedro's first inning struggles, J.A. Happ might not be a bad bet in the back of the bullpen.


Phillies hoping Park can close out games?
If he hadn't gotten hurt, Chan Ho Park would already have the job.


Paul Hagen: How about Walker as solution to Phillies' mess at closer?
And the suggestions are flying fast and furious now!


Time to close the door on Lidge
And here comes Don McKee with another awesome, edgy opinion.


Wade using past experiences in hiring Astros manager
Just read it. I hate Houston so much.


Paul Hagen: Film offers insightful look into challenges facing Latin ballplayers
Maybe this will scoop a few screens away from Love Happens.


Phillies Notes: Phillies' Ruiz receives cortisone shot
Imagine if that collision at the plate last night had left them catcherless. And Pedro Martinez's neck is still sore.


Philadelphia Phillies playoff tickets: I won ... but maybe not

Be careful what you wish for, I guess?  I'll take the tickets...