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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 28, 2009: Skin of Teeth, Psychic Trauma, Gutless Nats


Astros-Phillies Preview
Those of us who lived through the Biggio Tragedy of 2005 will fear the Astros forever.  The good news is, the Phillies miss Wandy Rodriguez this week.


Madson excels in latest save situation
He's not perfect, but he's the best option right now.


Madson powers his way to save
It absolutely has to be Madson out there right now. If they lose with him, I'll be disappointed but I'll deal. If Lidge gets the chance to pitch in another close game that matters in the standings, I'll explode.


Phillies Notebook: Key Phillies looking to shake September slumps
Once again, Ryan Howard is the man in September.


Eyre seeking chance to help Phillies
"All the help we can get..."


Bill Conlin: Bullpen issues led to 1964 Phillies collapse
I don't like comparing 2009 to 1964. They're so different in one huge, fundamental way: in 1964, it was a team that had never won a championship. In 2009, you know...


Hamels resembling '08 postseason ace
His improvement coincides nicely with those awful photos he posed for with his wife. Anyone else have any really chi-chi photoshoots for the guy?


Coste returning to his first fan base
Welcome back, Chris, I guess...


Braves win Wild one in 10th over Nats
The Nationals closed out a fine weekend of bending over for the Braves.  The Braves now sit five games behind the Phillies, and just 2.5 games behind the Rockies for the Wild Card.