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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 29, 2009: Vague Pessimism Edition


Great, now we'll just have more arms that will disappoint us.


Rich Hofmann: For Phillies' playoff hopes, no time like the present
Another story with a thin veneer of worry. It's unavoidable at this point.


One thing on Manuel's mind: clinching
In the playoffs or on the toilet?


Phillies' Jayson Werth making the most of his opportunity
Finding and signing players like Jayson Werth for virtually nothing is how championship teams are put together.


Charlie's a Weight-Loss Celeb
Clearly he drained the life force from his playesr.


Phillies can't blow it, can they?
You tell us...


Astros bats wake up against playoff-bound Phillies
Uh Oh...


Gillick open to 'right situation'
Just please stay out of the NL East, Pat.