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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 3, 2009: Dry Pedro?, Minor Awards, Senator Schilling?

An Awesomely Crazy 29 Hours « Phuture Phillies
Phillies farmhand Mike Schwimer with another great blog entry over at PhuturePhillies.


Phillies looking for Pedro to go long
It's going to be very hard to determine what exactly Pedro Martinez can give this team if they keep getting rained out when he pitches.


Loyal soldiers Andy Tracy and Mike Cervenak unlikely to get just reward
Cups o' Coffee


Phillies Notes: Drabek, Taylor named Phils top minor-leaguers
Not really a surprise by any stretch, but a pretty big honor regardless.


Myers finishes rehab assignment in style
Eight pitches, six strikes, three outs. That's a clean inning.


Coste appreciated for work behind plate
There's our old friend.


Judge Orders Drug Tests Preserved in Doping Case
A potentially big deal that could jeopardize the feds' case.


Schilling expresses interest in Kennedy's vacant seat
Make it stop.


Phillies first-base coach Lopes talks about Hamels' first steal
Davey Lopes is the best first base coach in baseball, which is not a small thing.


Cops: Janitor strikes out in alleged Series-ring theft
How dumb do you have to be to steal something like that? It's not like you can openly display or sell it anywhere.