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The One in Which the Bad Cliff Lee Showed Up: Astros 7, Phillies 0

Through his first five starts with the Phillies, Cliff Lee looked like Superman combined with Cy Young.  He was unhittable, and the Phillies were certain of a win in his starts.

But, in his last start, he was roughed up by the Braves.  And tonight, the Astros did the same.  Lee suffered in the second inning from a series of tough hits and bad breaks, giving up 4 runs while throwing 42 pitches.  He then gave up another 2 in the third, leaving the game after that.

It didn't help Lee or the Phillies' bullpen that the offense didn't show up against Wandy Rodriguez.  But this is becoming a recurring theme for the past few weeks.

Let's hope the Phillies can break out of their years-long slump against the Astros for the next three games in this series.  The Phililes are 11-21 in their last 32 games against the Astros.  Ugh.