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Phillies Breakfast Links, September 9, 2009: Armchair Psychiatry, Schmidt Wavering?, "Too Many Homers" Club


Baseball Prospectus | Ahead in the Count: Home-Field Advantage, Part Five
The Good Phight's Blogger Emeritus Matt Swartz with the last part of his five-parter on home-field advantage. Subscription required.


Happ, Eyre head list of injured pitchers
Soreness in the pitching elbow is always a wonderful sign.


Stutes, R-Phils take aim at Aeros in playoff opener
Reading Phillies in the playoffs for the first time since 2001.


Philadelphia Phillies are playing Weaverball Lite, waiting for the three-run home run
Runs are runs.


First team with four 30 HR hitters since the 2006 White Sox, and the 12th in history.


Phillies in league of their own in terms of losing
You can always count on a Pittsburgh inferiority complex swipe at Philadelphia, which is really funny when you think about it.


Mixed messages muddle a rocky closer situation in Philly
Stop talking about "closer mentality." Look, I could have closer mentality, but my 65 MPH fastball isn't fooling anyone. You need someone on the mound who can simply get outs. Finding the most psychologically perfect person for the "role" is a luxury this team can't afford right now.


Keep an eye on 2010 Pigs
Drabek, Taylor, and Brown = Lots of drives to Allentown for me.


Good Ol' Boy Manuel is clear he didn't quit on the Indians
Q&A with Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.


Schmidt unsure of Rose's future

"I'll always be Pete's friend, but I think he needs to show more remorse for what he did to the game," Schmidt said. "Pete's always been Pete. He's stubborn. He lives a more exciting lifestyle than me and I can't be around him all the time to check up on him."