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The Decade in Review: Phillies v. Eagles

With the Eagles now done for the decade, we can ask the question: who had the better decade, the Phillies or the Eagles?

If you had asked any Philadelphia sports fan three years ago which franchise, looking back in 2010, was going to have had the better decade in the first decade of the 2000s, it would have been an easy call - the Eagles, by a landslide.  Even two years ago, it would still be clearly the Eagles.  But, the Phillies' last two years have changed everything.  So much so, that I think it's quite clear that the Phillies had the better decade.

But, you can decide that for yourself.  Here are the comparisons that matter:

Overall record:
Eagles 103-56-1
Phillies 850-769

Winning percentage:
Eagles .644
Phillies .525

Playoff appearances:
Eagles 8
Phillies 3

Playoff record:
Eagles 10-8
Phillies 20-12

Playoff winning percentage:
Eagles .556
Phillies .625

Championship appearances:
Eagles 1
Phillies 2

Championship wins:
Eagles 0
Phillies 1

Point/run differential and spread:
Eagles 3758-2883 (+875)
Phillies 7978-7499 (+479)

Eagles 1
Phillies 3

Major awards:
Eagles 2: Vincent, Walter Payton Man of the Year 2002; Andy Reid, Coach of the Year, 2002
Phillies 6: Bowa, Manager of the Year, 2001; Howard, Rookie of the Year, 2005; Howard, MVP, 2006; Rollins, MVP, 2007; Lidge, Relief Pitcher of the Year, 2008; Hamels, WS MVP, 2008

As I said, I think it's pretty easy at this point given the Phillies 2 World Series appearances and 1 World Series win.  If they just had 1 World Series win without the second appearance, it might be a closer call, although I'd still go with the Phillies.  But, although they haven't had the consistency the Eagles have had, the Phillies have reached higher heights and that matters more in this town at this point in time.

But, others may feel differently.  Of course, feel free to give your input below.