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Some Phillies Links For You, October 1, 2010: Playing Matchups, Tribute to Former Pitchers

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Baseball Prospectus - Ahead in the Count: Pitch Data and Walks
Matt Swartz looks at pitch data and walk rates. Subscription required.

Lee's tune-up outing puts the monkey on Angels

Seven innings. One unearned run, four hits, eight Ks and no walks on 93 pitches in a 3-2 win.


Myers' amazing streak stopped by Reds
Gotta tip the cap to Brett Myers for turning in such an outstanding season.

Salisbury: Appreciating Wilson Valdez
Nice story, yes. MVP? Hell no.

Deal changes free-agent rules
I'm having a hard time seeing what really substantial effect this will have on the process, aside from forcing teams to act on decisions that had probably been made weeks or months before.

Bill Conlin: Even though they clinched, Phillies should play out season with best team
Playing for matchups this far out is kind of self-defeating. If you play badly in the postseason, you're going to lose. And this team is good enough to beat anyone.

Paul Hagen: No wishful thinking on Phillies' NLDS opponent
Yeah, pretty much. Also: Why the McNabb video?

Giants/Padres series preview - McCovey Chronicles
One more win, and the San Francisco Giants will win the National League West.

Stadium prompting a lawsuit
Lackawanna County plans to respond to its neighbor to the south and file a counter-suit today against Luzerne County over the possible sale of the Triple-A baseball franchise.

You know that that means.  COUNTY FIIIIGGGHHHTT!!!!

Arroyo to start Game 1?
I can smell fear!

Mike Sweeney gets his chance at postseason after long wait
More hug stuff.

World Series Game Gets Earlier Start
I'm glad they're making this change. I know it's about advertising money, but I wish they could be flexible with start times, so if there's a western World Series -- say, Rangers vs. Giants -- they can keep the later start time. If it's an east coast jam, make it earlier. Yes, this is asking a lot.

UCLA Honoring 8 New Bruin HOFers Including Chase Utley
With gratuitous dig at Phillies fans from (presumably) L.A. based blogger. Hey, here comes Matt Stairs, bahaha.