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Phillies vs. Reds - NLDS By The Numbers

11 - Numbers of Reds hits in three games

.124/.160/.213 - Reds triple-slash line for series

.212/.301/.273 - Phillies triple-slash line for series

4.88 - Average runs per game for Reds, 2010 regular season

4 - Number of Reds runs in series (Average: 1.33 per game... small sample sizes!)

0 - Number of Reds runs allowed by pitchers not named Roy Oswalt

1 - Number of hits by NL MVP-favorite Joey Votto

1 - Number of hits by Roy Halladay

0 - Previous MLB postseason sweeps by Philadelphia baseball teams (including Philadelphia A's)

24/4 - Phillies pitchers' K/BB ratio for series (in 27 IP)

103.5 - Speed of Aroldis Chapman fastball stroked for a double by Carlos Ruiz in the eighth inning of Game Three, the fastest pitch ever hit in the PitchF/X era.

1 - Home runs by Phillies hitters in series (Chase Utley, Game Three)

1 - Number of line drives surrendered by Roy Halladay in last Wednesday's Game One no-hitter.

52 - Pitches thrown by Phillies bullpen in series

96 - Top speed of Cole Hamels' fastball on Sunday