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Some Phillies Links for You, October 12, 2010: Giant Fun with Tim the Enchanter, Exeunt Cox and Wagner

Phillies NLCS ticket prices soaring online
You don't want to know what I'll do...

Area auction company capitalizes on no-hitter memorabilia

After another agonizingly close win, S.F. to battle Philly for Series spot
Although I'm scared of Tim Lincecum, it was pretty nice to see the Braves eliminated from the postseason.

McCaffery: Years later, ex-Phillie Scotty Rolen there when needed
"Baseball Heaven" huh?

MLB Playoffs: Cody Ross sends San Francisco Giants into NLCS, Bobby Cox into retirement
Oh, except Cody Ross is so loathsome too! This is a tough one.

Wagner's illustrious career comes to end
Bye, Rat!

Paul Hagen: If they win it all, then you can call them the best Phillies team ever
Depends on how you measure it.

Phillies-Giants: 2010 National League Championship Series (best-of-seven series)
I'd worry more about the head-to-head numbers if it wasn't such a small sample. Phillies sucked at Dodger Stadium in 2008 regular season but then whooped it up there in NLCS.

Phillies' righthanders Blanton, Kendrick biding their postseason time
I hope they're drinking!

Will 'just enough' work against Phillies?
Anything can happen.

Giants fans pumped for next round

Aces Price, Lee savor the pressure
But what about BIG GAME JAMES?!

Emotional Cox bids farewell to managing
I did feel just a dab of respect for Cox last night in his post-game presser, and I hate myself for it this morning.

Giants' Lincecum ready for showdown against Phillies' Halladay in NLCS
Need to get him high on Saturday afternoon. Volunteers?

Zoo With Roy: The Cole Hamels Fist Pump. Now in Meme Form
Just... go look. More posts on the site.