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Some Phillies Links For You, October 13, 2010: Don't Stop the Heaving, Smug Parade

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Inman: La Russa sees a way the Giants can beat the Phillies
Without reading the article, I'm guessing: Moderate drinking, and/or Glenn Beck.

Cards Would Have Challenged, Possibly Beaten Phils - Redbird Rants
And if my Aunt had balls... well, she'd be awesome.

Phillies not filled with worry about bats
But they have rabies, and those leathery wings! EWWW.  LOLOLLOLOLLLOL

Sizing up the Phillies' starting rotation - McCovey Chronicles
An interesting and possibly valid approach to the Phillies Big Three starters.

John Smallwood: Phillies' Domonic Brown learning how to be a winner

Yanks-Phils dynastic battle seems inevitable
I really don't want to associate myself with the smugness of this piece.

Giants-Phillies 2010 NLCS: What Is Pablo Sandoval's Role In The NLCS? - SB Nation Bay Area

Lincecum enjoying Giants' playoff run

If Phillies win World Series, who would pay for parade?
Magic leprechauns?

Cliff Lee is worth everything the Texas Rangers could ever give him
If the Phillies still had Cliff Lee, they'd already be in the World Series.

Phillies ready to humiliate all NL opponents
Thanks for the bulletin board material, dude.

And lastly, the worst thing you'll ever see, in the history of ever...