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Some Phillies Links For You, October 14, 2010: Pat the Bat Comes Back, Timmy Blisters, Bonds is Sweet

Barry Bonds to SF Giants: Beat Philly's Ass! -
If by "beat" he means "inject steroids into," I presume he'd be an expert.

Giants' Tim Lincecum battling blister problem as well as Phillies
They do get hot...

Cliff hanger: How in 14 hours ace went from Bronx to Texas
Subtitle: "A Tale of Yankee Entitlement."

Almost immortality: The baseball heartbreak of Bill Bevens
When I read the headline, I thought I'd be depressed after reading the whole article. But, not so much.

Brown learning as he goes
Well then.

Scientists: Curveball is just an illusion
Wow, could the headline be any different from the actual content of the article?

Giants may be green, but are still formidable foe for Phillies
I'm not a psychologist but I'm pretty sure the Phillies aren't looking past the Giants.

Back to Philly for Burrell
Yes, well, we all know about Pat, don't we?

Philly quite familiar to veteran Burrell
At least the Irish Pub part of it.

Taylor muscles up in Desert Dogs' win