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Some Phillies Links For You, October 15, 2010: Core Work, Ode to Sweeney

Sweeney: An Essay
Joe Posnanski proving once again that he is our best living sports writer.

It's Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels again
Yes, yes.

Hungry Giants present major hurdle for Phils
Yeah, it's really dumb to overlook a team with a pitching staff that's this good.

Paul Hagen: How the Phillies became kings of the hill

"There were a lot of people who said for a long time Colorado could never win a championship, the Chicago White Sox could never win a championship and the Phillies could never win a championship because of their ballpark. Clearly, that's not the case. If you put the right players with the right mentality together and they happen to play well, they can still win regardless of the venue."

Uh oh, this is only about Code Blue smug. Ruben is getting complacent!

McCarver says key to success is keeping franchise together
Well, thank goodness for that, I was worried for awhile.

McCarver pumped up for NLCS Game 1
Because "The goal of the game is to outscore your opponent. If you score more runs, you will win the game. The pitcher's job is to prevent the batter from reaching base..."

Want NLCS tickets? It's gonna cost you
Or just send a pair to your favorite blogger for free!! Please?

Why I'm stupid enough to think the Giants have a shot - McCovey Chronicles
Oh Grant... (seriously though the Giants might win)

Phils' core five driven to prove people wrong
These bunch of scrappy, knock-around lugs!