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Some Phillies Links For You, October 18, 2010: Roy > Roy, Big Fat Mets Fan, Learning Brown

Phillies Notebook: Manuel shifts gears in Phillies batting order
Well that seemed to work out didn't it? Chase Utley batted second and the world didn't end!

The Phillies Files : Now that takes guts
Not much else to say about watching Roy Oswalt blow through that stop sign, other than it was really fun to watch.

In tight spots, Giants skipper Bochy fits right in
Overall, the Giants are a much harder-to-hate opponent than the Dodgers, and that includes Bruce Bochy over Joe Torre.

Blanton to pitch Game 4
From the department of "no news."

300-pound Mets fan sued after falling on woman
Must be a typo, they surely meant "Phillies fan," because there's no way anyone but a Phillies fan would behave in that manner.

Photo: Phillies fans ease up with signs behind Giants dugout - Big League Stew
/shaking my head

Now a Giant, Burrell still fond of Philly
His booth at Delilah's was waiting for him.

Cliff Lee a tall task for Yankees in Game 3, but Bombers are confident with Andy Pettitte on mound
I can't wait for the talk radio/ comment section hysteria if Cliff Lee has a shutdown game tonight.

Brown finds right tutor in right field

"(Werth is) like a big brother toward me," Brown said. "It’s been unbelievable to get to work with a guy of his standards and his resume. … Every single day, he’s come up to me with something to look forward to or something to work on."


Cody Ross' power surge recalls Gene Tenace in '72
Gene Tenace... WHAMMY!!

The Fightins - Joe Buck is a whore
If you hate Joe Buck, and you love obscenity-laden rants, then this is for you!