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Some Phillies Links for You, October 19, 2010: Gritty Giants, Beards in San Fran, Phillies Fan Dan

Giants could use Rowand in lineup against former team
But I was getting used to this Torres fellow!

San Francisco Giants notebook: Edgar Renteria still expected to play shortstop despite a torn biceps tendon
Ow. The Giants are clearly upping the grittiness quotient. And with Fat Panda at third, time to test that left side of the infield.

Crashburn Alley: Is Ben Francisco invisible?
Anytime someone mentions "defensive replacements," "Phillies left fielder" and "NLCS," I get an automatic e-mail alert. It came free with my SBN moniker!

Phillies-Giants: Numbers to consider
Cody Ross, everyone!

Phillies Notebook: Giants' Cody Ross commanding respect
I said, Cody Ross, everyone! Wonder if anyone else has noticed this before. Oh wait.

Bill Conlin: Shades of Philly in San Francisco
The Chair man with a San Fran field guide.

Fear my beard? Jayson Werth scoffs
Well of course he does, silly.

The Fightins: Phillies fans make some signs for Tim Lincecum
The ne plus ultra, perhaps, on the dugout sign meme. The No Santa sign ought to be a giveaway item.

McCovey Chronicles: Prelude to a Third Game
The esteemed Grant with the Giant fan perspective. On our side, the thinking is more: All we'll see if we lose is the Retrosheet box scores that had Aubrey Huff at 1B and Cody Ross in the OF, and we'll think, how the hell did the Phillies miss? (We'll conveniently overlook the tremendous starting pitching.)

Baseball Prospectus: Tuesday LCS Pitching Matchups
Our own Matt Swartz breaks it down NEW SCHOOL, sub req'd.

Baseball Prospectus: LCS Day 3 Recap
Christina Kahrl again, sub req'd again, but I'm just such a fan of her writing. To wit:

getting a top OBP source up in the order and counting on Polanco's ability to get balls in play behind Utley is a canny exploitation of the gifts of the players in the lineup. It perhaps also reflected that balls in play against this Giants defense, especially when tasked with baserunners, might lead to all sorts of friction, Clausewitz-style.

NY Times: Yankees Put Up a Big Number, but Put It in the Wrong Column
Cliff Lee once again joyfully listens to the lamentations of the Yankees' wimminz.

Phillies Fan Dan 
This was passed along to us by Dan's brother Will, who wrote, "I think you'll agree you don't have to even like baseball for him to put a smile on your face." My nephew has Aspberger's and pervasive developmental delay, and this video really speaks to the pure joy of watching the game this time of year. More about Dan and Will here. 

Hardball Times: Red Sox buy Reds
No, not those Reds, silly. The Red Sox ownership group is now setting up a global network of the rivals to the most famous teams in every sports league.