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Some Phillies Links For You, October 20, 2010: A Little Trouble, Overreaction, Helpful Suggestions

Phillies must find bats, or go the way of the Yankees
Wait, the Yankees were eliminated?

Manuel phones it in for falling Phillies - Gregg Doyel
Among the worst things I've ever read.

Lee's performance boosts his value as free agent
Really.  That said, I both fear and gleefully look forward to Cliff Lee pwning fools in the World Series, and the meltdowns it would cause in various parts of the Internets.

Brewers broadcaster Uecker undergoes second heart surgery
Good luck, Bob.

McCaffery: Charlie needs to shake up Phillies lineup now
If they're not hitting, it doesn't matter where you stick them in the lineup. The runs won't score.

'Anti-Bonds' Ross proving to be Mr. Clutch -

Police: Man who rushed Yankee Stadium field went after A-Rod
Yikes. At least our fans who rush the field are just punks and idiots, not genuine psychopaths.

Rich Hofmann: Advice to Phillies: Give Ibanez night off, move Rollins back to leadoff
Agree with Part One; Indifferent as to Part Two.

Phillies prospects Singleton, Savery make significant moves
Singleton to left field, Savery to first base (which we already kinda knew about). Worth following.

With Mike Quade named as Chicago Cubs manager, Joe Girardi loses some leverage with Yankees
For some reason this headline makes me think of that famous "New Yorker" cover depicting the world as seen from Manhattan.