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World Series Rooting Interest: Which Side Are Phillies Fans On?

An intriguing conundrum settled into Phillies fans' collective consciousness Sunday, as the subset of fans who will persist in following the World Series mull their rooting interests.

So who will it be? The Texas Rangers, with zOMG CLIFF LEE and Jeff "Frenchie" Francoeur, or the San Francisco Giants, with PAT THE BAT, Cody F. Ross and Aaron "Winners' Burden" Rowand?

Take the poll below, which I deliberately left free of any silly or superfluous choices, such as "raking the lawn," "manscaping," or "re-introducing myself to my family." Dig down into that gristly, hustle-rific, veteran big-hearted Philadelphia Phillies fan gut you have. While you're there, may want to store the summer gear in the attic, and say 'sup! to the surly dude who is pounding his head into your stomach lining simply because it's so unfair that Desean Jackson is out. So unfair! Which team are you hoping will win? (Let's be clear here: This may not be the team you believe will win.)

In the comments, explain your choice.