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Phillies 2010 Regular Season By The Numbers

Here are some fun numbers from the 2010 regular season for you to chew on while we await playoff baseball:

0 - MLB teams with the same or better record than the Phillies, the first time the Phillies have ever accomplished this.

.400 - Carols Ruiz's on-base percentage, the best on the team and .068 better than the team's overall .332 on-base percentage out of the lead-off spot.

.505 - Ryan Howard's slugging percentage, the lowest in his career (previous low was .543 in 2008).

.599 - team winning percentage, the 6th highest in its history.

.921 - Jayson Werth OPS, the highest on the team and the highest in Werth's career.

1.00 - Cole Hamels' second-half WHIP.

1.74 - Roy Oswalt's ERA as a Phillie.

2.93 - Roy Halladay's SIERA, which was the lowest in baseball for a pitcher with 100+ innings (second was Jered Weaver at 2.97).

2.96 - Brad Lidge's ERA, which was 4.25 lower than his 2009 ERA of 7.21.

4 - successive NL East championships.

5 - games separating the Phillies and the closet NL team (the Giants) in the end of the season standings.

11 - shutouts against the Phillies this year, the most since 1998 (also 11).

13 - games made up against the Braves in the standings since July 22 (when the Phillies were 7 games out of first).

14 - complete games by Phillies' starting pitchers.

20 - number of times Wilson Valdez grounded into a double play (in 189 plate appearances with men on).

21 - shutouts by the Phillies pitching staff (most in the majorsand the most in baseball since 1998 when the Braves had 23).

21 - wins credited to Roy Halladay (the most by a Phillie since Steve Carlton was credited with 23 in 1982).

23 - games in which either the Phillies or their opponent scored 10 or more runs (18 times by the Phillies, 7 by their opponents (there were 2 overlaps)).

28 - plate appearances by Domonic Brown after August 11.

32 - Phillies games in which one team was shutout, meaning that 20% of Phillies games this year involved a shutout.

53.2 - Jayson Werth's team-leading batting VORP (Albert Pujols lead baseball at 81.8).

76.8 - Roy Halladay's MLB-best pitching VORP (Felix Hernandez was second at 68.8).

97 - wins, which was the most by the team since 1993 (also 97).  The only higher win total in Phillies history was 101, which the team reached in both 1976 and 1977.

166 - team home runs, which was down 58 from 2009 (and the team's lowest since they also had 166 in 2003).

168 - games started by Ross Gload, Greg Dobbs, Wilson Valdez, and Juan Castro.

250.7 - innings pitched by Roy Halladay, the most by a Phillie since 1998 when Curt Schilling pitched 268.7.

416 - batters walked by Phillies pitchers, which was the least in the NL (Cardinals were second at 477).

544 - Phillies wins since Charlie Manuel became manager in 2005, which is the most in the NL in that time period (Cardinals are second with 524) and fourth in the majors (Yankees 573, Red Sox 556, Angels 555).

640 - runs against the Phillies, which is the team's lowest full-year total since 1983 when they allowed only 635.

772 - runs scored by the Phillies, which was 120 lower than the team's modern peak of 892 in 2007 (the team record is 1179 in 1894).

1064 - number of times Phillies batters struck out, which is the lowest total since 1997, when the team struck out only 1032 times.

6255 - team plate appearances, 282 off the team's record 6537 in 2007.

3,777,322 - home attendance (including the three Blue Jays "away" games).

And, probably the most important number right now:

11 - wins needed for a third Phillies World Fucking Championship.