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Some Phillies Links For You, October 5, 2010: Return of Rolen, Messrs. Popularity, New York Mess

Q & A with Phillies president Montgomery

And although people chose not to see it that way, that's why we converted Lee for some prospects [Phillippe Aumont, Tyson Gillies, J.C. Ramirez]. I have no interest in rehashing all that.


Steve Phillips' Phillies-Reds Breakdown
Just in case you wanted, you know, Steve Phillips' opinion.

Fred Wilpon and Jeff Wilpon own up to own failures during Mets' decline since Game 7 of NLCS in 2006
They need to be put in stocks and pelted with rotting vegetables.

Mets must copy Phils

Frank: Favorite's crown is a new feel for Phillies
It's nerve-wracking to be the King.

20 things to ponder about the Reds
Some Reds factoids!

Rolen fills role in Reds clubhouse
How much would Rolen luuuvvvv sticking it to the Phillies?

Phillies hitting coach Gross wasn't seeking changes, just a connection with players
They address this in the article, but really, how much did this have to do with anything?

Phillies Are Favorites According To TBS Crew
We're doomed. Also, Ron Darling's Stockholm Syndrome is quite real.

FanHouse's 2010 MLB Playoff Predictions
We're really, really doomed.