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Some Phillies Links For You, October 6, 2010: It Begins!!

Phillies' three star pitchers bring unique skills to the mound
Roy Halladay: Nunchuks; Cole Hamels: Explosives/demolition; Roy Oswalt: Master of Disguises

Halladay Ready For First Playoff Start
Of course he is.

Salisbury: Fifteen Defining Moments in Phils' Season
The theme here seems to be "injuries," which is as good an assessment as any.

2010 MLB playoff preview and predictions - The Toronto Observer
Yay Canada!

Silently, Rolen returns to Philly
Every time I read that Dallas Green quote, I want to punch him (Green) in the taint.  That said, I hope Rolen doesn't get booed too badly, although in my heart I know better.

A big Phillies postseason would be Werth plenty
No, Jayson Werth is not going to get a Carlos Beltran contract. He's 31.

The unpredictability of predictions
Yeah, the fact is, no one can say with any certainty that a team will win a particular series. Nervous?

Phillies Set Postseason Roster, No Shockers - SB Nation Philly
Inclusion of Greg Dobbs was a necessary evil, and made much easier by the need to only carry 10 pitchers.

NLDS Predictions: Expect Phils pitching to topple Reds
Shorter McCaffery: I'm the doom master. The Phillies could slump. Expect them to slump. Still, Phillies in 5.

The 2010 MLB Playoffs Rootability Index: Helping You Decide Who To Root For In October -
Turns out the Phillies are the second-least "rootable" team. Behind, of course, the Yankees. Bonus guest appearances from some of our favorite people in the Comments...

ESPN experts: Who's going to win? - ESPN
18 out of 27. I do not like this one bit.