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Roy Halladay Time Capsule: Where Were You and What Were You Doing the Night He Threw His Playoff No-Hitter?

Once every 56 years comes a game that is memorable in and of itself, and reminiscing fans always begin thusly:

"I remember that night like it was yesterday. I was ___________________________."

Well, here we are when the game was, actually, yesterday, so let's capture those experiences. Our TGP total team coverage begins at lunchtime with our own time capsule, featuring YOU - YOU'RE THE STARS! In the comments section below, please describe where you were and what you were doing as you watched/listened/ heard the news about Roy Halladay's incredible baseballing last night.

Details always help paint the picture, but keep in mind it's a fambilyesqueish blog. This is for posterity, people!

Thanks in advance for your contributions.