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Phillies CF Shane Victorino claims third straight Gold Glove Award; Chase Utley stays sad

Philadelphia Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino has claimed yet another National League Gold Glove Award, his third consecutive award.  Unlike in 2009, Victorino was actually a pretty good center fielder in 2010.

No other Phillies players claimed Gold Gloves, with Troy Tulowitzki claiming the (well-deserved) award at shortstop, Scott Rolen topping Placido Polanco at third base, and Michael Bourn and Carlos Gonzalez claiming the other outfield awards in lieu of the possibly deserving Jayson Werth. Also Yadier Molina, who has locked up the award at catcher for the duration of his career, much to the chagrin of Carlos Ruiz.

But yet again, one of the very finest defensive players in baseball, Chase Utley, gets snubbed. Brandon Phillips is a very good player and an excellent defensive second basemen, but Utley is just fantastic and has never gotten the credit he deserves. Boo.

End rant.

Catcher: Yadier Molina, Cardinals
First base: Albert Pujols, Cardinals
Second base: Brandon Phillips, Reds
Third base: Scott Rolen, Reds
Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies
Outfield: Michael Bourn, Astros
Outfield: Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies
Outfield: Shane Victorino, Phillies
Pitcher: Bronson Arroyo, Reds