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5 Questions Asked of Shane Victorino: A TGP All-Play!

We got an e-mail earlier today from Ryan Fagan at The Sporting News, who's looking for some help. Thought it would be fun for all of us to help him out in the comments. Doubt he'll select mine, but I'll put them out there just the same, because I read on some blog somewhere that Vic is constantly sending Pat Burrell links to Innerweb porn and texting vulgar insults to him.

Anyways, his plea follows the jump.

Hey Good Phight folks

What's up. Have a favor to ask. We have a feature in every issue of Sporting News magazine called 5 Questions, where we have readers submit questions for the athletes, then we take the questions to the athletes and publish their responses. We’re always looking for more creative/insightful/provocative questions because they prompt the best responses, and those types of questions come from die-hard fans. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

We have one of these set up with Shane Victorino. Any chance we can get you to put out a call for questions to your readers? You can give them my e-mail ( and have ’em send the questions directly to me. If we pick their question/answer for the magazine, they’ll get their name and hometown printed along with their question. What types of questions are we looking for? They can ask questions about anything they want, on or off the field. The more nuanced, the better. Knowledgeable questions that will lead to smart, funny answers are the goal. Time-sensitive questions don’t really work—-for example, "What's your favorite recreational activity in Hawaii?" or "Geno's or Pat's?" is much better than "Should the Phillies re-sign Jayson Werth?" If you’re interested, I can send you a PDF of a 5 Questions we did with Matt Garza during the season as an example.

Anyway, if you can help, that’s great. If not, no worries. If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail. Also, should feel free to submit your own questions for Shane, too. In fact, I’d encourage it.