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2010-11 Offseason MLB Free Agent Predict-a-tron 3000

It is now Day Three since the end of the World Series, meaning teams have two days of exclusive negotiation left with their prospective free agents. It's tantamount to that awkward time when your live-in (now ex) girlfriend hasn't moved out yet because she's still looking for a new place and it's not the end of the month yet, so you're sleeping on the couch while she's going out with her friends and staying out until all hours and probably making out with skeevy dudes in flat-brimmed caps while you sit alone and catch up on the third season of "Lost." Just a hypothetical, of course.

Anyway, let's play a little game! Predict where the following free agents will wind up. For real fun, I also want you to predict the terms of the contracts for Jayson Werth, Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford, Adam Dunn, and Derek Jeter.

Jayson Werth

Cliff Lee

Carl Crawford

Adam Dunn

Derek Jeter

Rafael Soriano

Adrian Beltre

Javier Vazquez

Manny Ramirez

Victor Martinez

My picks below...

Jayson Werth - Red Sox, 5/$90MM

Cliff Lee - Yankees, 6/$140MM

Carl Crawford - Yankees, 6/$95MM

Adam Dunn - White Sox, 3/$50MM

Derek Jeter - Yankees, 3/$68MM

Rafael Soriano - Braves

Adrian Beltre - Red Sox

Javier Vazquez - Cubs

Manny Ramirez - Blue Jays

Victor Martinez - Rangers