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Phillies Raise Ticket Prices

Per David Murphy of the Daily News:

Coming off a franchise attendance record, the Phillies will be increasing ticket prizes in most areas of Citizens Bank Park for 2011 by $2 to $5.

The changes in single-game prices are as follows:

Infield (115-132) and baseline rows 1-6 up to $65 from $60
Baseline (112-114, 133-135) up to $50 from $45
Baseline (108-111, 136-139) up to $47 from $45
Outfield (101-107, 140-148) up to $36 from $33
Pavilion (206-211) up to $36 from $33
Arcade (233-237) up to $36 from $33
Scoreboard porch (241-245) up to $40 from $38, including a $10 credit for food, beverage and merchandise
Pavilion (201-205) up to $30 from $28
Pavilion (306-310) up to $28 from $26
Pavilion Deck (301-305) remain at $20
Terrace (312-329) up to $36 from $34
Terrance (330-333) up to $28 from $26
Terrace deck (412-429) up to $28 from $26
Terrance deck (430-434) remain at $20
Rooftop bleachers remain at $28, including $10 credit for food, beverage and merchandise
Standing room only remain at $17

Well, I guess this is what happens when you have an elite team, a beautiful ballpark, and 123 straight "sellouts". On the other hand, maybe the Phillies suits read this blog and are actually setting in motion David S. Cohen's plan to shift the cost of signing Cliff Lee onto the fans.

Nah, I doubt it too.

Anyways, this morning I was sent the link to Murphy's article by a baseball-hating relative along with the following remarks:

I can't wait to see your commentary on your blog. It's about an average 10% increase on top of the prior increases. Well, it just got 10% less likely that I will give those greedy pigs my money! (Of course 10% from nothing is still nothing.) I would implore you to boycott too, so we can stop these crooks.    

"Arise, ye prisoners of starvation!"